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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Case Study/ Feedback

NeLH has recently recently received the following from Dr Rob McKinty, GP-PEC member, Sedgefield PCT. It can be freely used when promoting NeLH/ Digital libraries to health professionals.

"I would recommend this site to all GPs nurses and AHPs working in the health service. Personally I have found it very usefull, easy to navigate and the links are good to other sites. I am on our communication sub group of the PCT and have now had feedback from professional colleagues within Sedgefield who have used the site. They all report that it is particularly useful in situations when colleagues want to find a particular protocol NICE guideline or perhaps the evidence base for a form of treatment. Gone are the days when protocols are mislaid or when colleagues complain that they can’t access the information they just have to enter the site and find what they want. The site even has professional groups listed so that all NHS professionals can use it. I know that our nurses in Sedgefield find it particularly useful. I am the mental health lead for our PCT and I was pleased to see a new addition of the mental health specialist library to the site. No doubt the site will develop further and there will be further improvements but my advice to fellow PCTs is to let professional colleagues be aware of the site and its potential. I think it is great."


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