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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Five excuses to go onto a ward

1. Can I put a poster up (in your resource cupboard/ward library/by your PC/toilet)?
2. Can I give you a copy of Clinical Evidence?
3. Is now a good time to change the wallpaper on your PCs?
4. I am looking for Dr Smith (he has booked a 3 minute library intro) but since you are here Nurse Jones can I tell you about it?
5. Can I tell you about six million quids worth resources you might be missing out on?

When you finish your library intro dont forget to give then a foldout or business card and one for a friend!

-A word to the wise- if people are running around or there are calls of "CAN I HAVE SOME HELP IN HERE -NOW" it probably isn't convenient just then. Try next door.

And another thing you might surprised how pleased peopleare being given this opportunity.


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