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Friday, July 25, 2003

Top Tips

At the DLnet masterclass in Manchester on Tuesday, the group came up with a whole load of useful tips for running events. The Top Tip, voted as the favourite, appears as this week's DLnet Tip of the Week:

Make time to keep up-to-date yourself which came from Kieran's group

The close runner up (just 2 votes in it!) was to Make Training Focused - that is, to know what people need to get out of it, which came from C Powell's group

Here are all the tips by category:

from Kieran's group
  • Reinforce content after training
  • Check all live links
  • Evaluate feedback
  • Have a back up resource
  • Target content to the audience
  • Develop a lesson plan
  • Be flexible
  • Have fun and interest generators
  • Nothing is perfect
  • Plan interaction - communication is a 2-way process
  • Be honest if you don't know
  • Deliver in short bite-sized lumps
  • Make time to keep up to date yourself

from MP and JR
  • Trainers can travel - "bringing knowledge to you"
  • "My place or yours?"
  • Training : any place, anywhere, anytime
  • Ready, steady, TRAIN
  • All you need is a PC and a connection

from Louise, Debbie, Helen, John
  • Going remote? Check your leads/cables are long enough!
  • Back up training materials on e.g. Powerpoint rather than rely on live
  • Test equipment in situ before use
  • Ensure trainees can use equipment before training - arrange preliminary mouse-handling practice where necessary
  • Cache web pages before live demos

from K Turtle's group

  • Keep plenty of stocks of materials
  • Reminder sheets for trainees which aren't too cluttered
  • Make sure materials are up-to-date
  • Make good use of materials already available via DLnet

Training tips
from C Powell, E Bowen, K Turtle, FF
  • Make training focused - know what they need to get out of it
  • Focus by discipline and level of knowledge
  • Flexible time and location
  • Be friendly and proactive
  • Bitesize chunks of knowledge are more memorable
  • Don't do training on a Friday afternoon!
  • Use multi-purpose materials e.g. a crib sheet could also be a mouse mat
  • Put up promotional materials in toilets e.g. flyers on the back of toilet doors

Attracting non-users
from Jane, Angus, Steve, Rhona
  • Advertise on intranet
  • Virtual library service
  • Promote home and office access to services
  • Keep it simple
  • Attend department meetings
  • Work with your IT department
  • Speak or have a stand at your organisation's induction days for new staff

from Gwyneth, Lee, FF
  • NeLH URL on paper drip mats (i.e. the mats which go between your cup and saucer)
  • Make clear and obvious link to NeLH from our own web pages
  • Doorstep staff in the queue for lunch
  • Effective use of e-mail
  • Update mousemats
  • Smile more
  • Put flyers on doors where staff come in to the library etc
  • Make sure promotion is timely and specific - relate to current awareness issues
  • Use a Quiz of the Week
  • Table flyers in the canteen

from L Jones' and S Beck's group
  • Evaluation helps the trainee to see if their objectives have been met
  • Ensure they know you will act on their feedback
  • Use incentives e.g. fines amnesty or free photocopying if ideas are implemented
  • More incentives e.g. each evaluation form has a raffle ticket/prize....

from LHF
  • Never say no - or almost never!
  • Talk "their" (i.e. potential funders) language
  • Prove your worth using evidence and statistics
  • Know your place in the organisation and refer to goals and to drivers such as CHI visits
  • Know your finance source
  • "Sell" your staff


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