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Thursday, July 10, 2003

Training tips

Here are the tips suggested at yesterday's DLnet masterclass.

Tips for planning training
These tips related to planning for your trainees' needs....

- Find out as much as you can about users and what interests them
- Train people with common interests so the session can be tailored
- Ensure learners have basic IT skills
- Learn your topic well beforehand

...and for possible mishaps:

- Check any databases/resources beforehand to make sure they are working and haven't changed since you last used them
- Check suitability of the venue before training
- When training at an external site after hours check that the switchboard does not bar outside calls – I checked everything during working hours and didn’t imagine we wouldn’t get an outside line after 5pm (Diane Thompson)
- Check all the technology works beforehand – check for double bookings of rooms, machines etc – and check connections work
- Ensure that user accounts are set up in advance for training using licensed resources
- Make sure software versions are compatible
- Beware live internet demos– have an offline back up or alternative activity just in case
- Allow extra time for travel

A key message was that trainers have to be flexible.

Tips for designing training
Think clearly about what you are trying to achieve - some ideas:

- Set clear learning objectives and/or aims for the session
- Have very defined course pre-requisites
- Make sure trainees know purpose of training before they come and ask them to think of their goals before arriving
- Never overestimate trainees’ knowledge and skills
- Don’t try to show people too many resources – concentrate on key resources
- Contextualise as far as possible (Kay Moore)
- Keep training materials up to date - remember to check any exercises and search strategies
- Display basic tips on literature searching on your website or near computers (L Ristic)
- Display a Hierarchy of resources of evidence card/leaflet next to computers (L Ristic)
- Allow time for reflection (Kay Moore)

Tips for delivering training
A key message is to focus on the trainee(s):

- Don’t give out too much paper
- Use "bribery" – e.g. food, drinks
- Assess what trainers have learned to keep them interested
- Get feedback from your learners
- Design quick reference cards to hand out
- Keep it brief
- Use graphics in presentations
- Use humour
- Make instructions for breakout groups very clear
- Keep slides clear – not too much text


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