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Monday, August 04, 2003

Selling the NeLH

Sales patter that works?

I think it would be useful to have a training event on the best ways of marketing the NeLH. It would be useful to have a very practical based session whereby we maybe had a bit of marketing theory but where the majority of time was devoted to practical exercises - getting into small groups and working out ways of verbally selling ideas to then present them to the rest of the group - it would be fun and it would increase confidence to verbally market an idea, especially to more senior hospital staff who are sometimes reluctant to see the relevance of new e-resources.

We all have the written bumpf, which fills a publicity niche but verbally selling something needs different language altogether to that which is written in flyers and such like. Imagine we are selling double glazing on the phone - we could all do to come up with sales patter that works. How to market Clinical Evidence in an attractive way? If anyone has any patter that works, please do share!

Zoë Debenham, Royal Shrewsbury Hospitals NHS Trust


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