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Thursday, August 21, 2003

Theme months

At one of the DLnet masterclasses, it was suggested we run theme months on this blog. The idea being that as well as sharing general tips/info as they pop into our heads, that we could also focus on a particular theme every so often. As we mentioned at the masterclass events, our plan is to produce Little (Online) Books of Marketing and Training. A theme month could work quite well in pulling together tips, tricks, know-how, links, information on particular topics which could translate well to the Little Books.

I thought this was worth trying out - seeing as we have a bank holiday next week, I suggest we run a theme "month" through to the end of September. If it works, I can pull together the info and put it into one of the Little Books.

My suggested theme for the first month is Promoting the Value of Libraries. I picked this one as it's a bit of a difficult one but as has come up time and again, we need to demonstrate why Google etc don't replace libraries. But there are some hard questions - how do we define value? how can we measure the impact we have within the health community? what information do we have to put forward our case? what information don't we have? who do we need to target? and lots more.... The emphasis here is on promoting the library service as a valued part of the organisation so the focus is more on defining/measuring/communicating value than on promotion in general.

So, fellow DLnet bloggers, what are your experiences?

  • What useful information have you come across on measuring value and outcomes?
  • Do you have any tips or know-how to share?
  • Have you any thoughts about what works and what doesn't work?
  • Any suggestions on how best to communicate our value?

Share your thoughts, info, know-how and comments via this blog and we'll summarise at the end of September.


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