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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Three Minute NeLH Conversations I have had

As many of you know whenever I get an opportunity to talk about NeLH I jump at it -occasionally literally . Perhaps one of the most unplanned occurred last Thursday . As I got on to the Tube at Piccadilly Circus I tripped and trod on a young ladies open toed sandals. After profuse apologies ( and she insisting I had merely kicked her) we got chatting ( the train was packed!) -she was from Finland [Leicester Square], we told each other some European jokes - Finnish is Swedish spoken under water , Dutch is German spoken underwater etc etc ) [Covent Garden] She lived in Croydon [Holborn]..she worked at Great Ormond Street in ITU Ah ha .. had she heard you of NeLH YES she had! -she used it often ..had she used child health / hitting the headlines/ nurse portal NO she hadn't! [Russells Sq] She left the train here, as GOS is just round the corner. Was that spring in her step an urgency to get immediately back online or making a limp for it while she still had a chance? [Rhetorical]


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