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Friday, September 26, 2003

Have literature to hand

On the 25 September, Alison, Caroline (Papi) and myself went down to Prospect Park Hospital in Reading to help out Rowena Perry and colleagues during launch week of their new library.

We carried out teleconference training for hospital and PCT staff while we were there (to test our new 0800 number), for both day and night staff (which is why I am blogging the middle of the night).

We also got out and about talking to staff which was very successful, but we did learn something ..which was to take sufficient literature out with us. Colleagues were so keen to put posters up we soon ran out! So...

When out and about presenting Digital Libraries in your organisation, remember to have lots of literature to give away. Leaving someone without something to look at after you have spent time with them is a missed opportunity.

Well time for bed!


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