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Monday, September 15, 2003

NeLH Awareness Week (AW) 2003 teleconference and Washington DC

I shall be hosting a teleconference to brief you on the preparations for NeLH Awareness Week (Nov 24-30) on Thursday 18 September at 0910 (for 0915 start) and again at 1610 (for 1615).

Following the call, leads for organisations will be able to sign up to join NeLH Awareness Week Partnership scheme. The first 150 organisations to submit a "gold" or better marketing plan will secure £100 to help deliver it.

Please dial 0870 333 1663 enter 771239 # .

It is my intention that participants see a short presentation followed by a review the DLNet pages -so to get the most out of it please be online during the call. To get an idea of numbers please send an email to nelh@nhsia.nhs with subject heading of:

AM NeLH Awareness Week Phone Call
PM NeLH Awareness Week Phone Call

As teleconferencing is going to be a key part of AW, I do hope you will be able to join me. Please feel free to have multiple people dialling in or use a speaker phone.

Oh and by the way all AW lead partners will be elidable for the Washington DC MLA Conference in 2004 competition. The more activities signed for the more chances you have to win!

Talk to you Thursday!


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