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Monday, October 27, 2003

Awareness Week Preparation

Elephants...grey elephants, grey elephants (not pink) everywhere. We are just about to blitz our Trust from all angles. Leaflets with payslips, posters, Intranet postings of posters and a programme of our activities during the Week, along with all user emails. I have managed to get spots on our Audit Meeting (which is compulsory attendance for all medical staff) and also the Trust Board Meeting that is conveniently timed during the Week too. For Nurses and AHP's whose meetings were jam packed with agenda items, we just sent a short briefing note about the Week that could be read out at the relevant meeting. We have arranged to have Displays in the main reception of both our sites for the whole Week, manning them for a set time to give out freebies such as bananas with NeLH logo stickers on, sweets and NeLH publicity as well as general library leaflets. We had a Display back in June that was a bit disappointing, but hopefully now that we have great freebies, NeLH toblerone triangles, blue and white balloons, blue and white table covers and stand up leaflet holders to add interest we should make a real impact.


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