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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Pencils and other literature

This year is going to be a phenominal year for Digital Libraries if the amount of interest in Awareness Week and the amount of promotional literature that we are supplying is any judge.

In the last two weeks alone we have sent out over 35 000 items. This is a huge demand and we are running to keep up. As expected monitor clips have proved attractive and as of now we have dropped to below a thousand..we wont be restocking for a while. However, pencils are destined to arrive next week and we should have enough to last us till AW at least. New stocks of A1 posters will shortly arrive as will a restock of the A3/A4 poster. 18000 internal envelopes dissappeared overnight and we are finishing off the re-order today and negotiating a delivery date.

Strangely the large AW stickers have ..stuck ..in our warehouse. Please order before they go out of date!! The idea behind these is to attach to existing literature and triangular displays.

Talking of the giant toblerones they are also going fast ..every library should have two (at least)!! www.nelh.nhs.uk/publicity

Thanks for all your help



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