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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Tips for Internet training

There is an article by Mary C Congleton and Winn Theirl in the September issue of MLA News (sadly, not available for free on the Internet) on internet training. They give their top tips for "stress-free internet-based training". In summary, they advise:
  • a pre-training interview to discuss details and plan the training
  • listing equipment needs well in advance
  • checking Internet access available
  • scout out the training room e.g. do they have flipcharts?
  • have a backup in case it all goes pear-shaped
  • create a portable kit containing extension leads, blu-tack etc
  • reconfirm with your contact before the day

I particularly like the idea of a portable kit, something I never quite get round to doing so I always end up stealing blu-tack from our Events team.


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