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Friday, November 14, 2003

Getting noticed

From 7 Nov issue of CILIP Vacancies Bulletin : "The Mysterious Case of the Invisible Librarian". Reports what happened when researchers on recent survey had to chase responses by phone - some switchboard operators didn't even know their organisation had a Library! They challenge us to make sure the switchboard and reception staff know who we are.

They also quote following figures (tho don't give a reference): 90% of the impression you give of being capable is based on perception - this breaks down as
  • 30% based on the presentation of your work
  • 30% on the presentation of yourself
  • 30% on being seen to be "doing a good job"
  • 10% on doing a good job

Their conclusion - "This is not to infer that you should spend 90% of your time floating around looking great and not delivering and only devote 10% of your time to doing your job. But it does mean that you have to be seen - or you may become invisible"

So what can we do to get noticed? Well, for starters.....NeLH Awareness Week is a great opportunity to raise your profile. As for useful ideas, the MLA Communications Toolkit has some useful tips. And keep an eye on the DLnet pages and this weblog for more tips'n'tricks.

What strategies have you tried to raise your profile locally?


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