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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

The Night Shift

Usage of NeLH is at a all time high, thousands more people (50k more visits in Oct) are using it because of your efforts.

Usage is above average at all times of the day..except for between 12 and 7. This would seem to indicate that our marketing efforts are getting through to day staff, who are in turn converting that effort into a visit during working time. In the case of night staff they may of course be accessing during the day( at home) but they are not doing so at work.

So 1. are they getting the message? 2. are they finding better things to do at night when not caring for patients? 3. is there protected time for night staff to undertake CPD? 4.

Promotion of the night time Phone-In learning Session (PILS) could be a way of increasing usage to this group. Other suggstions gratefully received.



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