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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Publicity and Public Relations Group Conference - Grasmere

Just back from the PPRG conference. Beautiful scenery and nice weather up in the lake district added to the enjoyment. I am going to post a few things learnt from the conference as I get time. To kick you off, from the Key note address on Promotion in Perspective by Linda Ashcroft a few tips!

Plan – objectives, marketing strategy
Events – raise awareness, promotion
Resources. Make sure that supply can meet demand, if not can be a negative exercise. Eg Oxford Brookes University held marketing event and gave away apples but they made sure that they could meet the demand that was generated for library services. Transformer toys were marketed before Christmas but they ran out of toys so people were queuing to get hold of the ones that were available.
Sponsorship. Make sure that the sponsor ties in with what you are trying to promote. Eg Threshers off licence sponsored Avon and Somerset police, which sent out the wrong message to drink drivers. Sponsors do like to be associated with good ideas e.g Tesco’s sponsored computers for schools and gained a lot of good publicity. But make sure that your name is not dominated by the Sponsor e.g. Coronation Street sponsored by Cadburys but everyone is clear who is the sponsor and who is providing the service!
Promote e.g Kew gardens did press release in the Times about a smelly plant and were inundated with new users, staff then talked to them about the other plants that were there
Enjoy Success!! Celebrate and publicise your successes and remember that successful partnerships can work again
Communication. Are stakeholders on board? What about the media?
Timing. Eg Christmas toys, summer quiet time for news, summer launch
Image. Importance of first impressions. BA strike gave bad impression.
Value. What is the value of your service to customers? To advertisers?
Evaluate. Did you meet your objectives


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