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Thursday, November 27, 2003

Showing what we can do

WEBMASTRY : What Google Teaches Us that Has Nothing to Do with Searching by Gary Price http://www.infotoday.com/searcher/nov03/price.shtml
Some snippets:
  • "I keep asking myself, why as a group, the information professional hasn't seen what Google has done with word-of-mouth marketing and begun to use it. It's very inexpensive and, as we know from Google and other companies, can lead to very positive results"
  • "Google often 'energizes' its word-of-mouth marketing by getting to information gatekeepers like journalists, teachers, key members of a company, etc. and demonstrating (or as Mary Ellen Bates puts it, politely "getting in their faces") about what their service offers. Again, doing this costs only time"
  • "We should do the same and show them that libraries of 2003 are full of professionals and tools easily used both inside and outside the library building."
  • "Marketing a training session these days as 'learn how to use library databases' won't work. Instead, title the presentation 'Google Searching and Beyond.' Now, that should lift attendance. So share some Google tricks with them, but then start demonstrating what you and your library can do — with blazing speed and clear authority — that Google can't do well or at all.

Worth reading for Gary's Eight Starting Points, giving ideas on how to promote library services as more valuable than Google alone.


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