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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

A direct challenge to Nick - Strangest place to mention NeLH

Well I really can say now that I am truly obsessed with NeLH as demonstrated on Friday night. There I was after the invigorating 2 day workshop ready to tell just about anyone who would listen about the joys of NeLH. It came about somewhat strangely....

I was sitting in the sauna after being at the gym minding my own business as you do, with one other gentleman in there with me. Me being a friendly wee soul I started to make small talk, we came onto jobs and low and behold he was an ambulance driver ...and quicker than he could take his towel and run I had cornered him and had sold him on the virtues of NeLH, given him the web address (more like drummed it into him being short of a pen and paper) and offered to give him and his crew one-to-one training when I was back in the office!

Now Nick, you have to admit that definitely stands up to your motorway madness!!


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