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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Competition for DLnet Reps

Here’s your chance to win your very own copy of Andrew Booth and Anne Brice’s new book : Evidence-Based Practice for Information Professionals….

….and all you have to do is blog!

The first 20 to post to the DLnet weblog (and it has to be something substantial – “hello” doesn’t count!!) will receive their very own copy of the book. 2 or 3 lines will do – just think of something useful to share with colleagues – it could be an article you’ve come across, an idea you’ve tried during training, tips on marketing, anything which your colleagues might find useful. Blogging is lots of fun and takes less than 5 minutes so take the plunge if you haven’t already :-)

Of course, you may have mislaid your password since you registered or you may have declined joining the blog so anyone who needs joining up again, get in touch with us and we’ll sort you out asap.

Here’s the blurb about the book you could win:
Evidence-based Practice for Information Professionals: A handbook
Andrew Booth and Anne Brice, editors

Evidence-based practice is a paradigm that originated within healthcare but is rapidly migrating to other fields. It involves applying the results from rigorous research studies to professional practice in order to improve the quality of services to clients. Familiarity with these methods has caused an increasing number of information professionals to turn a critical eye to their own practice. Is it possible to adapt this model to librarianship and information work? To what extent are its skills and techniques transferable to the various areas of professional practice? Is it desirable for information professionals to integrate research findings into their day-to-day decision-making? These and other related issues are discussed in this book, the first to examine this key topic in depth.
March 2004; 320pp; hardback; 1-85604-471-8; £44.95 (£35.96 to CILIP Members)

The competition is open to DLnet Reps only.


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