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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Information World Review Feb 04

Last month's Information World Review had some interesting bits and bobs:

Beware the march of the Googlistas by David Tebbutt : "The word is 'marketing'. It has to become a key part of your life. Others in the organisation need to know you exist and understand how you can help them. You have to be in everyone's face, pushing your services, offering talks, influencing the influencers and, perhaps, tipping off every new recruit. Why not work your way round the organisation, meeting department managers to discover what their information needs are, how they're being satisfied and what value they place on better information?"
"Google has introduced individuals to the world of information. Capitalise on this now by showing how you can facilitate access to better value information"

Data as pure as spring water by Stephen Arnold : looks at "stovepiping" (information streams which bypass intermediaries) and RSS feeds

We are the Champions - interviews with Bob Boiko and Lynne Brindley particularly interesting:
  • Boiko : "For a start, he believes we should stop using impersonal terms such as 'users' and think instead of 'audiences'. After all, he says, 'audiences have power - the power to applaud or walk out'.
  • Brindley : "Lynne Brindley believes 'libraries are no longer the cosy backwaters they once were'. They are faced with a number of new challenges: they have to remain relevant to their users, must manage and deliver digital resources successfully and must ensure their organisational and leadership skills are up to the challenge."


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