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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Teaching Qualification

To all trainers out there,

Ever considered doing a teaching qualification to enhance your CV and support your training experience? The qualification to do is the City and Guilds 7407 Level 4 Certificate in Further Education Teaching (Stage 1). After Stage 1, you could progress to Stage 2 and then if you're really keen (!), the CertEd. You would then be qualified to teach in an FE environment. For more information: http://www.city-and-guilds.co.uk

As a first step, you could try contacting a local college to see if they offer the Stage 1 qualification. There are some requirements for Stage 1 (which is a 12 week course) but the vast majority of trainers wouldn't have a probem meeting these. Stage 1 is a basic teaching qualification in its own right and therefore you don't need to progress to Stage 2 or the CertEd if you don't want to. Also, the commitment for Stage 1 isn't huge and the coursework is very manageable.

One thing to note: this does not give you QTS (Qualified Teaching Status) which you need if you want to teach compulsory (pre-16) education. The only way to get QTS is to do a PGCE or equivalent. See: http://www.gtce.org.uk/pdfs/ROUTES_INTO_TEACHING.pdf

Looking forward to my free book?!



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