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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Library Services Passport

A regular comment I hear from staff is "I don't work there, didn't know I could use that library".

All libraries in the Avon, Glos and Wiltshire region area have a reciprocal arrangement whereby staff can use any library, regardless of their employing Trust. To complement this we have a Library Services Passport - a nifty little A5 leaflet giving basic contact details for all major NHS libraries in the AGW region. It also details exactly what people can expect access to in terms of services, whether they are AGW NHS staff, NHS from further afield, students on placements etc.

It's useful for both library users and staff as it neatly summarises where libraries are and what
services are available. It's particularly useful if users work across several Acute Trusts which is often the case for PCT and Mental Health Staff.

An online version can be found at http://www.agw-wdc.nhs.uk/pubs/el_lib/el_lib_passport.pdf

The eagle-eyed among you will notice the cover features a couple of nurses engrossed in Anatomy TV - be assured we're working on the new 2004/05 version and the photo will be updated.


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