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Friday, April 30, 2004

Managing Knowledge in Health Services

In case you missed the announcement earlier this week, Andrew Booth and Graham Walton have arranged for the text of their book, published in 2000, to be made available on the web free of charge.

The announcement says:
"We believe that most of the 'how to do it'-type chapters and many of the overviews from this work, now out of print, are still very relevant for health information professionals today. Chapters include:
  • Health services: a contemporary approach
  • Health service users of information
  • Health service libraries
  • Health service information providers
  • Consumer health information
  • Providing direction and management for health library and information services
  • Identifying users' needs
  • Making a case
  • Identifying resources
  • Organizing information resources
  • Delivering and accessing resources
  • Marketing a service
  • Evaluating information services
  • Training the users
  • Formulating the question
  • Keeping up to date with the knowledge base

This move has been timed to coincide with the publication of our completely new work Exploiting Knowledge in Health Services released this month by Facet Publishing. This new work mirrors the structure of its predecessor but covers a completely new range of topics. Chapters of this NEW work include:

Section 1 The context of managing the knowledge base in health services
  • New structures and principles in health services
  • The health and social care interface
  • Clinical governance and National Service Frameworks
  • Virtual outreach services
  • National electronic Library for Health
  • Knowledge Management
  • Primary care knowledge services
  • Clinical librarianship
  • Role of library and information services in supporting learning

Section 2 - Managing the knowledge base
  • Managing projects
  • Working collaboratively
  • Managing change
  • Developing staff
  • Providing hybrid information information services
  • Creating Portals and Gateways
  • Managing intellectual property

Section 3 - Using the knowledge base effectively: information sources and skills
  • Accessing the knowledge base
  • Appraising the Literature
  • Creating effective web pages
  • Tapping into sources of funding
  • Supporting syntheses of the literature

Full details on this new publication and ordering information are available online."

With apologies for slightly self-interested marketing - I wrote a chapter in each of the books ;-)


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