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Thursday, April 08, 2004

More Midwifery

Following up my earlier posting about information for midwives....

The full-text of the MIDIRS Informed Choice leaflets ARE stilll available free of charge on the Web, but not on the main MIDIRS site linked to from the NeLH homepage.

To find them log in to http://www.infochoice.org/ which takes you to the Informed Choice site itself. Here you'll find the full-text of all 15 titles - each title has two versions, one for midwives and one for the women in their care. Both cover the same ground but the women's version is written in plain English with no medical jargon. All can be downloaded as pdfs.

Incidentially don't confuse this url with the very similar http://www.informedchoice.org/ or you'll be whisked off to Wisconsin and have a lovely choice of funeral caskets and cremation options - an Informed Final Choice perhaps



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