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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Novel use for NeLH cigarette lighters

Those of you who were also on the DLnet conference in Birmingham recently might like to hear of Lucy's (our Deputy Librarian) interesting idea for using those NelH cigarette lighters that we all won in the quiz. She's taken to carrying it around with her to the three different health libraries she works in - so far, so what, I hear you say, but read on and I guarantee you'll be amazed - and plugging it into the back of whichever computer she's working on!

At first I assumed that this was just some new "yoof" fashion statement, but turns out that as well as being a not very satisfactory cigarette lighter, this gizmo doubles as some sort of removable hard disc for your PC! Again, if you attended the conference you might have observed from watching my masterly attempts to work out how to switch on my new portable telephone (Lucy, please check I've used the correct terminology here, will you?) that ICT is just one of my many accomplishments. Working on the assumption that many of you, like me, might not yet have got around to unpacking this delightful free gift, I thought I'd pass on the above tip for helping you get the most of yours.

P.S. Alison - I think the one I got must have a duff flint in it as I can't get the wretched thing to spark. Any ideas where I can buy a replacement?


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