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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

NeLH Goodies Display Box

While we are on the topic of NeLH publcity goodies, I thought I would share with you that I have created a little display box for my NeLH freebies in the library - nothing grand mind you, but it looks presentable and keeps the bits and pieces tidy.

I used the top of a photocopying paper box covered in white paper (it was green before) and then I cut up a large NeLH poster (sacrilege!) to put slogans around the side (eg the address). I also printed out an A4 sign using the NeLH powerpoint slide background. In the box I have postcards, business cards, fold-out leaflets and monitor clips. I was also hoping to incude pencils, but alas! It's situated by the photocopier and the monitor clips regularly disapear!

I have asked Fran and the team to consider if NeLH or NLH would create a more professional looking display box in flat-pack style to draw attention to these delights and to keep them tidy.


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