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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Posters On Demand- Your help needed (no change there then)

Ever since we started producing publicity for NeLH a constant feedback theme has been for customisation of publication so that individual libraries can highlight there own services. Additionally the ablity to segment resources for individual professional groups or sub groups has been sought( eg resources for Nurses in SCBU or OTs in Primary Care.

Poster on Demand allows you to produce high quality publications( posters, leaflets, certificates, signage, reports etc)using your printer or photocopier and paper stock ordered from the NHSIA order line. Targeted at short to medium length print runs the system also employs the just in time principle (as long as you have paper in stock!)

We need your help to quickly pilot the process as we are still developing it but it has to be ready for the Autumn!!.

Please order 30 sheets of "POD Blanks" and go to .../dlnet/postersondemand.asp for more detailed instructions and the word files.

Please let us know at nelh@nhsia.nhs.uk if you are taking part in the trial or any other clarification. Comments can be posted here on the blog

Thanks in anticipation ..F,A,N.


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