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Sunday, June 27, 2004

NeLH Bloglines Demonstrator for RSS

I am sure following my previous blogs you have rushed out and are now happily getting the benefits of aggregating Really Simply Syndication (RSS)feeds. For those undecided or without sufficient time or those who no idea to what I refer I have created a Bloglines demonstrator.

I hope you can see how to put together increasingly useful information in one place together with less work related items. In the working demo I have included all the NeLH feed including DLnet together with Hubmed search strings( select a keyword search and the results are constantly updated), BBC feeds together with Microsoft secutity fixes, eBay alerts and a Dilbert comic strip.

To access the Bloglines account User=nelh@nhsia.nhs.uk pass=library. Feel free to add your feeds and dont worry if it it gets broken I will fix it.

You can slectively export from this account to your own simply by clicking on tell a friend link.


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