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Friday, June 11, 2004

New NeLH search

Resource Alert : NeLH Search Engine
Now searches Specialist Libraries as well as the content the pilot searched, and has improved retrieval
  • Results displayed differently (see below)
  • Search box available from the NeLH homepage as before.
  • Search also available from each Specialist Library, allowing you to search each library individually, or all NeLH content at once

Date of change
11th June 2004
The pilot search engine needed to be updated, and content from the Specialist Libraries integrated into the search
The search engine is now much more powerful, so it is worth recommending to users
Results are now split up into different categories of information, in line with how the Specialist Libraries present their information. Clicking the bold blue title takes you to a page giving more detail about the resource. Clicking the paler blue web address under each result takes you directly to the resource.


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