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Monday, June 28, 2004

Teleconference on change management

Monday 5 July : 9.30 and 3.30
As part of the FOLIO module on Change Management, Dr Graham Walton (who wrote the chapter on Change Management in the new Walton and Booth book) will be giving an online lecture which will be open to anyone who is interested. The lecture will take place on 5th July - at 9.30 and repeated at 3.30. As usual, you’ll need to dial in a few minutes before the call starts so we can start on time. All you need is a phone, an Internet connection and 15 spare minutes! A great opportunity to learn more about change management from an expert in the field.
On the day:
1) Find an internet connected PC next to a phone, preferably where you will not be disturbed.
2) Call 0800 3583795 (freephone) and when prompted enter the access code 771239, followed by #.
3) Log on to the Internet and open your web browser. The presenter will guide you to the tour presentation during the conference call.


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