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Monday, August 23, 2004

Teaching opportunities for librarians

Workshop on Teaching Evidence-Based Medicine, Oxford. 6th-10th September 2004

Posted on behalf of Nicola Bexon

Do you have the skills, interests and experience to be a librarian tutor for the Evidence-based medicine (EBM) workshop in Oxford?

This workshop is aimed at clinicians and other health care professionals who want to explore issues around teaching evidence-based medicine. Most of the workshop is conducted in small groups. http://www.cebm.net/downloads/courses/flier_tebm2004.doc

For the first time, we are going to introduce a scheme of librarian tutors - we intend to have one librarian tutor in each small group. All librarian tutors will have their course fees, accommodation (Sun –Thurs nights in St. Hilda’s College) and breakfast/lunch paid for. Travel costs and evening meals will need to be paid by the librarian (or their employer).

To be eligible to apply you must:
  • be available to attend the whole week Mon 6th -10th September 2004, including arriving on Sunday evening (5th) for a dinner meeting
  • have the support of your Line Manager to attend the week
  • have attended an EBM course, a Critical Appraisal Skills Workshop (CASP) or other similar appraisal course in the recent past, or be able to demonstrate experience and interest in critical appraisal skills
  • be a Clinical Librarian, a primary care librarian, an outreach trainer etc, or be involved directly in teaching searching skills to health professionals
  • be employed by the NHS

As a librarian tutor, we envisage that you will:
  • participate in small group sessions, and make sure that question formulation/finding quality evidence discussions are included in any teaching sessions the participants give
  • teach a searching session to your small group (or help a participant to teach a searching session depending on requirements)
  • volunteer to teach optional sessions (participants select sessions they wish to attend) on aspects of searching for evidence, specific sources etc.
  • be available during “free-time” sessions to work one-to-one with your small group participants if they wish to have extra searching help

This is a good opportunity for librarians to gain more skills and experience in practicing and teaching evidence based medicine, by working with health professionals in small groups.

Please apply to Nicola Bexon (nicola.bexon@ihs.ox.ac.uk) if you are eligible and interested – send a couple of paragraphs outlining how you fit the eligibility criteria. There are only a maximum of two more librarians required so if you are eligible please apply as soon as possible.


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