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Friday, October 22, 2004

NLH user needs study

The National Library for Health (NLH) team has commissioned TFPL to carry out a study of user needs, preferences and information seeking behaviour, to inform design and development of services and resources for NHS staff. The study will comprise desk research and primary research. The first step is to find out what we already know about users and non-users. For this, we need your help.

Have you carried out a user needs study or usage study for your service since 2000? This includes training needs analyses. Would you be willing to share your findings with the NLH/TFPL team? We strongly encourage you to send in details of your study so it can contribute to the development of the NLH. Don’t worry if your study is very focused and specific, or very broad and general – it will be valuable. TFPL will be using this information to build up a composite picture of users, and their needs, across England, but will also be interested in any Studies carried out in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Remember the more information we have, the clearer a picture we will get of the needs of our actual and potential users.

If you have something to share, please do get in touch (preferably within the next 7 days) with Vivienne Winterman, the TFPL Project Manager for this study:

Contact details are:
email – Vivienne.winterman@tfpl.com,
phone – 020 7251 5522,
fax – 020 7251 8318

Many thanks for your contribution


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