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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Health Management Briefing

Dear All

It is planned that a briefing on NLH/NeLH Health Management Specialist Library by the NHS Confederation will hit the desks of Senior NHS Managers tomorrow (Thursday). Along with the document was a letter from Muir Gray paying tribute to librarians and inviting them to visit your library during HLW. Two NLH Resource Cards were also included to encourage attandance (but you might like to contact your board to help them fill in the blanks (on the card) or offer a new one if they have lost them.

Letter text:

[HLW Logo] [NLH Logo]

Dear Colleague

Re Your health library

I hope you find the NHS Confederation briefing about the Health Management Specialist Library a useful introduction to the trusted resources that have been pulled together to support your knowledge needs.

We have sent this briefing to you during Health Libraries Week, during which your Trust librarians will be demonstrating training and promoting the use of high quality knowledge resources purchased by the NHS both in your library and as virtual resources on the Internet.

As a non-librarian I would like to pay tribute to the skills of librarians and ask you to visit a library during Health Libraries Week. Health librarians can make a major impact on both clinical practice and management, although of course their numbers are limited and the demands placed on them are great. The NeLH has been investing resources to develop the skills of librarians not only to help them flourish even more in the digital age but also to help them become even better at evidence-based decision-making.

The most valuable resource in any library is the librarian but they can be even more valuable outside the library. This year we have seen many excellent examples of clinical librarianship and outreach librarianship supporting both primary care and public health professionals. I very much hope that you do visit your library during the week and find this briefing useful.

Kind regards

J A Muir Gray, CBE, DSc, MD, FRCP, FRCPSGlas.
Director, National electronic Library for Health

Enc. Two NLH resource cards to remind you (and a colleague) of your Athens Username. Please visit your library or
www.library.nhs.uk to obtain the username and password.

Hope you are having a successful week!



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