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Friday, December 17, 2004

A NLH News Feed has been added to the ForLibrarians section of the NLH web site: http://www.library.nhs.uk/forLibrarians/

This is intended to keep you up to date with developments as they happen. You can read the news feed in three different ways:
- by visiting ForLibrarians pages http://www.library.nhs.uk/forLibrarians/
- by subscribing to the feed using an aggregator such as SharpReader or Bloglines – link for the feed : http://nlhnews.blogspot.com/atom.xml
- by visiting the blog at http://nlhnews.blogspot.com

As this is a new way of delivering news to you, we’d be interested to hear your feedback.


  • At 8:47 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Great idea to have a NLH newsfeed! Any chance of making it available via "normal" RSS so that it can be read using Opera?


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