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Friday, March 11, 2005

Advertising campaign

In response to Andy's earlier question, here's some more information about the current advertising campaign.

It grew out of the UK-wide collaboration from Health Libraries Week. As journals cover the whole UK, it was felt a campaign advertising all 4 electronic libraries (and promoting local library services) was appropriate.

The idea of an ad campaign was mentioned back at the roadshows last summer but we were unable to get the adverts placed in time for HLW, so didn't subsequently mention it in our plans for the week. We appreciate this wasn't sufficient information and advance notice for library services would have been preferable.

As Ann Wales has described in her posting to lis-medical, the term "Knowledge grid for health" was a metaphor designed to sum up seamless access to information across the UK - kind of like the National Grid. It's not a product or service, and apologies for any confusion this has caused. As all four countries have differing health agendas it was necessary to use a "neutral" and previously unused phrase to enable a joint advertising campaign.

Here are the journals which featured in the campaign:
Diabetes Digest
British Journal of Midwifery
Nursing Standard
British Journal of Psychiatry
British Journal of Dermatology
Journal of Infection
Archives of Disease in Childhood
Airways Extra
Emergency Medicine Journal
Emergency Nurse
Ambulance UK
Paediatric Nursing
Pharmacy Product Guide
Geriatric Medicine
BMJ Clinical Research

These were selected on the basis of readership and advice from Specialist Library teams. The GP edition of BMJ was excluded as GPs had already received NLH resource cards with their latest issue of Clinical Evidence.

We hope this helps to clarify some of the thinking behind the campaign. We appreciate some lessons have to be learned from the campaign and these will inform preparations for Health Libraries Week 2005.

Alison and Fran


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