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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Get ready for Health Libraries Week

Following feedback from librarians, it has been decided to re-run Health Libraries Week this Autumn, from 14-18 November. Like last year, the campaign will be a mix of locally and nationally organised events and activities. Within NLH, we're starting to produce a range of general purpose and more specific promotional materials (based on ideas sent in to us). Feedback from earlier campaigns suggest that the most difficult aspect of promotion is being able to talk to the most influential people, so we are running a series of "Assertive Communication" workshops around the country during July and September. The programme is yet to be finalised but it is likely each workshop will run from around 10am to 4pm. - booking form now available at http://www.insitefulsurveys.com/Survey.asp?SI=287933310475. Over the coming weeks, a web page for Health Libraries Week will be published - an announcement will be made here when it's available.


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