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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Health Libraries Week toolkit

The Health Libraries Week toolkit is now available on www.nelh.nhs.uk/dlnet. This includes a list of the materials you can order but PLEASE NOTE materials aren't ready just yet so please don't try ordering yet. We've been assured most materials will be ready for 31st October, and the internal mail envelopes and folders will be ready on 7th November. We appreciate this doesn't give you a great deal of time to get hold of materials - unavoidable delays were caused by awaiting new visual identity guidelines.

You'll also see a link to a syndicated article - this is included in the NHS Connecting for Health toolkit for communicators. You may wish to use the article and add in quotes from your local champions.

We'll be following Health Libraries Week with a short evaluation this year - we'll be in touch to ask you how it went, what worked well, what didn't ...

Best of luck with your Health Libraries Week activities and events - would be good if you could share here some of the things you have planned!


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