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Friday, August 15, 2003

Ten Minute Training

Following on from the lesson plans developed by the NeLH team and promoted at the Masterclasses, I have set up Ten Minute Training sessions which can be slotted into a GP appointment. It works very well and the response has been very good. I spend a couple of minutes demonstrating local library resources and then spend the majority of the time on the NeLH site. I tell everyone about Hitting the Headlines and the NeLH Search Facility. Then I make it more relevant to individual professions, so for GPs, I show them Prodigy and Clinical Evidence, for community nurses I show them the professional portal, care pathways database and BNF, for physiotherapists I show them the professional portal, PEDRO database and the Allied Health Bulletin on the DOH site. I also have a session for practice managers and PALS. When I leave, I make sure they have all my contact details and information on other training available.


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