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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

New web resource - Evidence4u

Just a line to tell you about the launch of a new web based educational aid for healthcare workers to build their skills in Evidence Based Healthcare.
The purpose of the website is to provide comprehensive tutorials about how to access, appraise and apply evidence to everyday practice. It gives the opportunity to learn (or brush-up on) the skills and techniques of evidence based practice, and work through a case scenario from start to finish. The website enables all healthcare workers to access these skills at any time, particularly when the skills are actually required.

The resource is a collaboration between the Manchester NHS Agency and the Evidence for Population Health Unit, University of Manchester, developed by myself and Dr John Sandars, Lecturer in the Evidence for Population Health Unit and the School of Primary Care at the University of Manchester.

I'd really appreciate your help in 2 ways - publicising the site with your users, and providing feedback to me to improve anything that needs it (as it can be changed and updated easily).

Go to www.evidence4u.org.uk
You have to register to get onto the site - click on the Register link, then choose your own username and password, which you can then use each time you want to go to the site.
Follow the links for each of the sections.

Thanks in advance for your help - I hope you find the resource useful.


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