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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

www.nhs.uk - Webuser Gold Star Award

You know how you like to think what you say matters...

After filling in one of their online questionnaires over a year ago, the web site design team invited me (and lots of others!!) to show them how I used the site. They asked me things about searching and then asked me to find certain things - which I did - eventually... using their site search engine. A lot of the time I gave up and said, "I'd use Google now..."

Well whatever we said has resulted in web page that now has been given this weeks Best New Website Webuser Gold Award (Webuser Issue 89 5-18 August 2004 p18). It says that the homepage www.nhs.uk - NHS Gateway - is cleaner and provides simple access to NHS information and services.

So in my own little way I like to think...


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