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Friday, February 25, 2005

National Knowledge Grid for Health

There is an advert in this week's BMJ encouraging NHS staff in all regions of the UK to make the most of their electronic resources. There is a card with url details of how to register to get Athens access for your particular area of NHS in the UK.

So - this is to alert NHS libraries and trainers of the possible influx of interest on Athens registration and training requests over the coming week.

If I may make one comment. What could be regarded as a national advertising campaign through a high profile journal needs some sort of co-ordination - especially before the ad gets printed. Not only do we look a bit stupid if users come in brandishing cards we don't know about but we may not have the immediate capacity to properly train the initial influx of new users.

Also the phrase "National Knowledge Grid for Health" is a concept some of us have never come across before.

DLNet is presumably the ideal medium to co-ordinate such advertising campaigns and has not mentioned anything about this advert.


  • At 3:09 pm, Blogger Alan said…


    Is no one going to take credit for this and fill us in on what else might be on the way?


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