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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Muir Gray's Librarian Manifesto

Dear all
Below is Muir Gray's 5 point Librarian Manifesto. This is his personal manifesto which he uses to champion librarians - it covers the sort of things he says at what is sometimes called the "highest level of decision-making", to try to bring librarianship onto an equal footing with IT in the minds of those at that level. Muir is not a librarian, but believes whole-heartedly in the value and skills of the library profession, and so uses his manifesto and his position outside the profession to champion us wherever and whenever he can.

  • More librarians
  • More librarians close to clinicians and management; the librarian is the most valuable resource in the library and they are even more valuable outside the library
  • The library service to be as highly valued as IT
  • Better valued librarians
  • Librarians empowered to run knowledge systems delivering knowledge where and when it is needed


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