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Monday, March 21, 2005

Change requests for Cochrane on Wiley InterScience

This message was sent to the Cochrane Library User Group:

At it's February 2004 meeting, the Steering Group approved the procedure for introducing new developments / changes to The Cochrane Library on Wiley InterScience. This involves an annual introduction of new features or enhancements, with Issue 1 of every year.

In a nutshell, the process is...
1. All requests for new functionality, features, corrections, changes to the way information is displayed, additional content or services must be submitted no later than April 2005.
2. Change request forms are to be used to submit requests. This greatly helps in the evaluation and prioritisation of developments. While all requests will be considered, we cannot guarantee
that they can be implemented.
3. Publication Policy Group (PPG) will review all requests and prioritise for consideration and review by Wiley.
4. PPG and Wiley will together agree the developments for implementation.
5. Requirements documents, wireframes, information architecture and functional specifications prepared for review between June and September 2005.
6. Development and testing will take place in latter half of 2005.
7. The October Colloquium in Melbourne will provide an opportunity to showcase forthcoming enhancements.
8. Enhancements will appear in Issue 1, January 2006 (or as per an agreed schedule)

To request changes, you must use the Change Request form, and send them in by 30th April 2005.
I've put a copy of the form up in the box on the right hand side of the DLnet homepage



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