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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Ideas for raising NeLH awareness

Here are just a few ideas that I am using to promote NeLH Awareness Week

• Copy the NeLH Awareness Week logo, paste it onto address labels and stick them on all your post.
• Attach a NeLH Business Card (with your details) to the monitor clip so that people can see how to use them. (Incidentally, the monitor clips work well when attached to the bottom of the VDU, as it doesn't block the view, but is still clearly visible).
• Edit your email signature and add the NeLH Awareness Week web address.
• Use the money from your NeLH marketing plan to buy tins of biscuits to distribute to all the practices/departments in your PCT/organisation. Stick a pretty label with your contact details, on the tin, so that they will always have a reminder of where to go if they need information. Together with the biscuits, leave some NeLH publicity material, such as internal envelopes, monitor clip and pencils, and literature on NeLH and your library, for them to read. This is a good way of going out to meet the people you are delivering the service to, so that they can put a face to the name they see on emails and newsletters!
• Organise a quiz to raise awareness (what does NeLH stand for, what services does your local healthcare library provide, etc), and use money from the NeLH marketing plan to pay for the prize. I am giving a Christmas hamper as a prize, and hopefully will get someone (Chief Executive) to present it the week before Christmas.


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