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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Hello all - just a reminder about the Health Libraries Week website at http://library.editme.com, which has all the details about the week, promotional items, suggestions for activities and lots more.

6 things to highlight for today:

For NHS libraries:
1. If you have not already acknowledged receipt of your box of promotional materials, please do so by following this link: http://www.insitefulsurveys.com/Survey.asp?SI=43365328280

For everyone:
2. If you still need to order promotional materials for HLW (either whole boxes or individual items), you can try our new automated order line: http://www.insitefulsurveys.com/Survey.asp?SI=46657168425

3. If you have not filled in the form to tell us what you're planning for Health Libraries Week, please follow this link: http://www.insitefulsurveys.com/Survey.asp?SI=59200358685 - this will help us to evaluate the success of the week afterwards.

4. Some of you may have noticed that it's Children in Need day on the Friday of HLW - if you're planning on dressing up or holding other events in your library, you could think about tying it in with a collection for Children in Need.

5. We now have computer wallpaper and email signature messages available for you to download and use: http://library.editme.com/wallpaper and http://library.editme.com/messages - please email nelh@nhsia.nhs.uk if you're not sure how or why you might use them.

6. We're going to hold a teleconference on Wednesday 3rd November at 9.30am (lasting no more than half an hour) to talk about the plans for HLW and answer any questions you may have. Please email nelh@nhsia.nhs.uk to let us know if you plan on joining the call. On the day, please dial 0800 358 3795 and enter access code 771239 followed by #
If you can't make the call, we'll be writing up notes and posting them here.


  • At 9:29 am, Blogger Alan said…

    I was away for this call and would appreciate the promised notes...




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