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Friday, July 08, 2005

Pubmed, RSS and CAS

The other day at Wrightington I offered my utopian vision of CAS services at a meeting of the LIHNN eResources network, subject specific material from selected journals or direct to full text. Pubmed offers us the ability to do this now. I have three test feeds out with a critical friend right now so I'll let you know how it goes.

Key issues so far:

  • Time to identify full text in MyNCBI, not a task to be taken lightly does take a while and is the capital city of Dullsville. Just think of the end result.
  • Search strategies have to take into account you are really after pre-medline records and therefore title words are the key.
  • First subscription to the feed will be scary, lots dragged back but once the user has handled that first batch I anticipate new stuff will be manageable.
    Feeds if you want to see how it works or add constructive criticism are:



    Bariatric Surgery

    I've also put links to the Fade Health News feeds at the bottom for any of you RSS heads out there.


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