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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

NeLH Summary Handout

In the first session, I usually spend about 90 minutes training people to use NeLH. Because there is so much to remember, I have created a table summarising the session, listing the topic covered, and where they can find the answer on NeLH. For example:
* recent health-related articles go to Hitting the Headlines
* quick search for evidence and guidelines go to Pilot Search Engine and Guidelines Finder
* information to support implementation of National Service Frameworks go to National Service Framework Zones
* patient information, diagrams and treatment guidance go to Prodigy
* evidence based, full-text articles go to Bandolier
* treatment management and diagnosis go to Clinical Evidence Online
* filtered search engine go to OMNI
* specialist information related to a condition or profession go to Specialist Libraries
* further training go to NeLH Tour
I cover clinical databases in the second session, because often they aren't familiar with the Internet. This table is available as an A4 sheet, which they can then display near their computer, as a quick reference chart. Often they know where everything is during the session, but as soon as you leave them, they get a bit lost, so they seem to find this chart useful. It also hangs nicely from the NeLH monitor clips!


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