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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Notes from HLW Call on 3rd November

The call gave a quick run down of what's happening during HLW:
  • New NLH site going live on Monday 15th Nov, with the directory of resources, Hitting the Headlines and news, a preview area, a For Librarians area, and an About NLH area
  • The Single Search is being launched on Wednesday 17th November - this means that for Monday and Tuesday of HLW, the search will not be available, although a demo of the search will be - we're sorry about this, but our hands are tied with the development teams
  • The official launch on the 17th will launch the search, the first set of titles from the new Mental Health e-book collection, the pilot Question and Answering service for Primary Care, and some new Map of Medicine pages

There are also some more NLH pens in stock, and there is still time to order them, as well as more resource cards, postcards, or whole promotional boxes. We've had some problems with the order line, but orders are now getting through - see http://library.editme.com for more details of what's available and how to order.


  • At 11:39 am, Blogger Alan said…

    Glad to have this update!

    Disturbed that there has not been wider notification that SSE is not going to be working on 15 Nov. The update from Colin said that SSE would launch on the 17th as part of the general launch but I am sure I am not alone in failing to realise the full implications of this statement.

    Any chance of a list of titles for the Mental Health books? It would help with promotion if we knew basic information like this before the launch to users. Knowing who the supplier is might be handy as well.

    There are so many routes of communication discussed in the draft comunication strategy - lets start using them!


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