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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Training - CPD

Hi all
Just been on The Training Zone website - www.trainingzone.co.uk - and found an article about CPD for trainers:

"The key to success in training is self-discipline, understanding the philosophy and implementation of continuous professional development.

Trainers need to be aware of the latest practices and develop their own approaches to delivering training sessions if they are to keep their work lively and fresh.

Peer Review
To manage your own professional development, the first step should be feedback on sessions from a fellow trainer.

Invite a colleague to attend a session and provide a critique on it.

While no-one enjoys direct criticism, objective feedback is crucial if you are to get an outside eye.

It can also be beneficial for the person giving feedback too, as they may well pick up a few hints!"

This can be a daunting and challenging thing to do, but it does really help to evaluate what you're doing, both the content of your sessions, and the way that you train. If you have another trainer or librarian nearby who's willing to help, it's worth giving it a go. And then you can do it back to them and get your own back!



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