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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Showing why libraries are needed

Peter Clarke, European Special LIbrarian of the Year 2003, has written a good article in the latest SLA European Chapter Newsletter, called "The value of our profession". The link takes you to the pdf so you'll need to scroll through to find it.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Teaching opportunities for librarians

Workshop on Teaching Evidence-Based Medicine, Oxford. 6th-10th September 2004

Posted on behalf of Nicola Bexon

Do you have the skills, interests and experience to be a librarian tutor for the Evidence-based medicine (EBM) workshop in Oxford?

This workshop is aimed at clinicians and other health care professionals who want to explore issues around teaching evidence-based medicine. Most of the workshop is conducted in small groups. http://www.cebm.net/downloads/courses/flier_tebm2004.doc

For the first time, we are going to introduce a scheme of librarian tutors - we intend to have one librarian tutor in each small group. All librarian tutors will have their course fees, accommodation (Sun –Thurs nights in St. Hilda’s College) and breakfast/lunch paid for. Travel costs and evening meals will need to be paid by the librarian (or their employer).

To be eligible to apply you must:
  • be available to attend the whole week Mon 6th -10th September 2004, including arriving on Sunday evening (5th) for a dinner meeting
  • have the support of your Line Manager to attend the week
  • have attended an EBM course, a Critical Appraisal Skills Workshop (CASP) or other similar appraisal course in the recent past, or be able to demonstrate experience and interest in critical appraisal skills
  • be a Clinical Librarian, a primary care librarian, an outreach trainer etc, or be involved directly in teaching searching skills to health professionals
  • be employed by the NHS

As a librarian tutor, we envisage that you will:
  • participate in small group sessions, and make sure that question formulation/finding quality evidence discussions are included in any teaching sessions the participants give
  • teach a searching session to your small group (or help a participant to teach a searching session depending on requirements)
  • volunteer to teach optional sessions (participants select sessions they wish to attend) on aspects of searching for evidence, specific sources etc.
  • be available during “free-time” sessions to work one-to-one with your small group participants if they wish to have extra searching help

This is a good opportunity for librarians to gain more skills and experience in practicing and teaching evidence based medicine, by working with health professionals in small groups.

Please apply to Nicola Bexon (nicola.bexon@ihs.ox.ac.uk) if you are eligible and interested – send a couple of paragraphs outlining how you fit the eligibility criteria. There are only a maximum of two more librarians required so if you are eligible please apply as soon as possible.

National Library for Health virtual roadshow

Now that we've finished the summer series of roadshows, we have put up a virtual roadshow for those of you who couldn't get to one. Go to http://www.library.nhs.uk/virtualroadshow.asp. I'll be adding notes to my slides on the National Library for Health very soon.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

How to get involved in National Library for Health

If you'd like to get involved in National Library for Health developments, or would like to be kept updated as projects unfold, visit www.library.nhs.uk to register your interest. Although it's most likely we'll be following up after the NLH roadshows finish next week, I'm looking in particular at the moment for individuals who want to get involved in the study on user needs; a study on CPD/training needs of library staff; and a new publicity/awareness group. Take a look and sign up - no obligation if you later find you don't have the time and an easy and quick way to contribute your ideas etc to the development process.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

www.nhs.uk - Webuser Gold Star Award

You know how you like to think what you say matters...

After filling in one of their online questionnaires over a year ago, the web site design team invited me (and lots of others!!) to show them how I used the site. They asked me things about searching and then asked me to find certain things - which I did - eventually... using their site search engine. A lot of the time I gave up and said, "I'd use Google now..."

Well whatever we said has resulted in web page that now has been given this weeks Best New Website Webuser Gold Award (Webuser Issue 89 5-18 August 2004 p18). It says that the homepage www.nhs.uk - NHS Gateway - is cleaner and provides simple access to NHS information and services.

So in my own little way I like to think...

Access hours concept

A pleasing letter in the latest issue (169) of the oft mentioned Computer Active talks about IT access via public libraries. It includes the statistic that 52,000,000 online hours are available to library service users.

I found this an interesting way of looking at things. Quick sums show that my library offers:
  • 15,000 online hours
  • 70,000 seated hours

A few hours of laptop use probably don't change the figures too much!

I wonder how many online hours and others we offer across all NHS Libraries?

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

New Tours

Hello all
Just to let you know that there is a new tour for the Cardiovascular Specialist Library available from www.nelh.nhs.uk/tour
And that there is a new version of the Clinical Evidence tour there too, with updated screenshots, reflecting the changes they made recently to the site.

Robodemo versions of the tours will be appearing soon!


Blogging at HLG

One of my colleagues at eKAT brought to my attention that fellow blogger,Tom Roper, from Brighton and Sussex Medical School will be talking on blogging at HLG.

On Wednesday 8 September Parallel Sessions 3 at 11.40, Tom will be talking on "Blogging in Brighton: current awareness for medical educators through weblogs"

Sadly I won't be there, but I am taking tips from his blog site (mostly the racing ones) to develop my own....

Apologies if this has been blogged before!