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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Just came across LIScareer.com http://www.liscareer.com/ following recommendation on one of the blogs i subscribe to. Has some useful stuff on it.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Muir Gray's Librarian Manifesto

Dear all
Below is Muir Gray's 5 point Librarian Manifesto. This is his personal manifesto which he uses to champion librarians - it covers the sort of things he says at what is sometimes called the "highest level of decision-making", to try to bring librarianship onto an equal footing with IT in the minds of those at that level. Muir is not a librarian, but believes whole-heartedly in the value and skills of the library profession, and so uses his manifesto and his position outside the profession to champion us wherever and whenever he can.

  • More librarians
  • More librarians close to clinicians and management; the librarian is the most valuable resource in the library and they are even more valuable outside the library
  • The library service to be as highly valued as IT
  • Better valued librarians
  • Librarians empowered to run knowledge systems delivering knowledge where and when it is needed

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Map of Medicine press release

Please go to the Map of Medicine website to read the press release about Medic-to-Medic's contract with Fujitsu, Local Service Provider for the southern cluster. Please take the opportunity to register your interest and access four sample patient journeys.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Barrow SWIMS launch

Barrow SWIMS launch
Originally uploaded by Library Comms.

Mr John Loy, Learning Resources Development Manager
Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust and Sally Chaloner

John Reports "We used the opportunity primarily to launch SWIMS - the SW library catalogue - but HLW was all around and we have begun advising people of the transition from NeLH to NLH. I've certainly been plugging the new Mental Health E-books across the Trust since yesterday.

We had an amazing turnout for the event - between 40-50 people in the library for a free lunch. This coupled with a guest star proved quite a draw. The photo is of me and Sally Challoner, one of the local newsreaders from BBC's Points West who came along to cut the ribbon for us. I think the photo demonstrates rather well why she's on the telly and I'm not. (Library card shown larger than actual size)"

If you have taken photos of HLW please send us your photos so we can share them. Nelh@nhsia.nhs.uk Thanks!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Magnetic Badges- a warning

Please be aware that the magnets for attaching the NLH badges are capable of corrupting magnetic media.

I strongly recommend keeping credit cards, tapes, hard drives, monitor screens away from them.


Official Launch of National Library for Health

Today at 1pm the National Library for Health was launched by Dr Muir Gray, Secretary to the National Knowledge Service at the Royal Free Medical Library.

With Dr Ben Toth acted master of ceremonies The event consisted formal demonstrations by Fran Wilkie, a presentation by Muir and then a formal opening declaration.

While a press conference was underway participants were able to eat lunch and have informal demonstrations on QA, Mental Health ebooks, SSE and the Map of Medicine.

The event was attended by over 70 people including NHS librarians, independent librarians, knowledge suppliers together with Senior Management from Trust and NPfIT personnel.

Our very grateful thanks go FDI (who paid) and Betsy and her team (who hosted the event).

Health Management Briefing

Dear All

It is planned that a briefing on NLH/NeLH Health Management Specialist Library by the NHS Confederation will hit the desks of Senior NHS Managers tomorrow (Thursday). Along with the document was a letter from Muir Gray paying tribute to librarians and inviting them to visit your library during HLW. Two NLH Resource Cards were also included to encourage attandance (but you might like to contact your board to help them fill in the blanks (on the card) or offer a new one if they have lost them.

Letter text:

[HLW Logo] [NLH Logo]

Dear Colleague

Re Your health library

I hope you find the NHS Confederation briefing about the Health Management Specialist Library a useful introduction to the trusted resources that have been pulled together to support your knowledge needs.

We have sent this briefing to you during Health Libraries Week, during which your Trust librarians will be demonstrating training and promoting the use of high quality knowledge resources purchased by the NHS both in your library and as virtual resources on the Internet.

As a non-librarian I would like to pay tribute to the skills of librarians and ask you to visit a library during Health Libraries Week. Health librarians can make a major impact on both clinical practice and management, although of course their numbers are limited and the demands placed on them are great. The NeLH has been investing resources to develop the skills of librarians not only to help them flourish even more in the digital age but also to help them become even better at evidence-based decision-making.

The most valuable resource in any library is the librarian but they can be even more valuable outside the library. This year we have seen many excellent examples of clinical librarianship and outreach librarianship supporting both primary care and public health professionals. I very much hope that you do visit your library during the week and find this briefing useful.

Kind regards

J A Muir Gray, CBE, DSc, MD, FRCP, FRCPSGlas.
Director, National electronic Library for Health

Enc. Two NLH resource cards to remind you (and a colleague) of your Athens Username. Please visit your library or
www.library.nhs.uk to obtain the username and password.

Hope you are having a successful week!


Monday, November 15, 2004

SSE - launch delayed

Dear Colleagues
Plans for the official launch of the National Library for Health are progressing well and we look forward to seeing many of our colleagues at the Royal Free Hospital on the 17th November. This event will generate interest in the services that the NLH has to offer now, and the developments that are in the pipeline for the coming months. I am aware that many of you have activities planned for next week to demonstrate the new service to your clinicians.
With regards to the single search component, in response to feedback during our last round of testing, we have asked FDI for some extra development work and there just isn't time to complete this and give you all sufficient time to familiarise yourselves with this, before the 17th November. Therefore, after much debate, we have decided to introduce the search element of the NLH service in stages.

The new programme for the SSE roll-out will now be as follows:
17th November: The official NLH launch - including an overview and a demonstration of the SSE to generate awareness and interest amongst the press and clinicians in the new service.
Development work and testing will continue into early December.
The test site will then be made available to library staff during December to allow you to familiarise yourselves with the search and how it works.
10th January 2005: the search will go live

We believe that this new timetable will ensure that when the service is made available to clinicians, it offers a service of the highest quality, and all our colleagues are really familiar with what it can do. A rolling demonstrator of the search engine has been created and can be seen at http://www.library.nhs.uk/searchdemo and is available now to provide you with a demonstration of the key features of the new service.
New developments will continue to be added to the www.library.nhs.uk site over the coming months, so we would ask that you help us in encouraging end-users to move from the current NeLH site to the new site over the next few months. The current NeLH site will continue as it is until at least spring 2005.
We appreciate that many of you have put a lot of hard work into preparing for Health Libraries Week and the launch of the new site and search. Health Libraries Week is a great opportunity to promote your library as well as electronic resources.
Kind regards
Ben Toth, NLH Programme Director & Robin Murray, Managing Director Fretwell Downing Informatics

Single Search Engine Delay

Having read the communications proposals in the Communications and Consultation Plan I'm a little confused why DLNet blog has not been used as a method of communication to keep people informed of the delay in Single Search Engine. Particularly as it has the immediacy of RSS feeds which would be advantageous considering the lateness of information on the delay.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Notes from HLW Call on 3rd November

The call gave a quick run down of what's happening during HLW:
  • New NLH site going live on Monday 15th Nov, with the directory of resources, Hitting the Headlines and news, a preview area, a For Librarians area, and an About NLH area
  • The Single Search is being launched on Wednesday 17th November - this means that for Monday and Tuesday of HLW, the search will not be available, although a demo of the search will be - we're sorry about this, but our hands are tied with the development teams
  • The official launch on the 17th will launch the search, the first set of titles from the new Mental Health e-book collection, the pilot Question and Answering service for Primary Care, and some new Map of Medicine pages

There are also some more NLH pens in stock, and there is still time to order them, as well as more resource cards, postcards, or whole promotional boxes. We've had some problems with the order line, but orders are now getting through - see http://library.editme.com for more details of what's available and how to order.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Knowledgexchange - community for sharing expertise.

I have just found this useful resource which enables health and social care professionals to share their expertise. Knowledgexchange (http://www.theknowledgexchange.co.uk/) is a web-based community that connects health and social care professionals, enabling them to share advice and information on a wide range of health-related topics. It covers all areas in health care, including training, clinical and management issues. The service is already used by over 2,300 NHS managers and is free to NHS staff. I found out about this site via IDeA Knowledge (http://www.idea.gov.uk/knowledge/) which is another knowledge management resource for local government.